Free Storage of Laundry

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Free Storage of Laundry

We provide the "Free Storage for 6 months"service for laundry (clothing and items other than clothing) that are brought to the shops of Kikuya.

Please use us as a storage space for seasonal clothing, quilts and boots etc. in off-seasons. It is possible to receive by designating a receiving date by the 〈dedicated line〉 etc., so it is possible to use as a substitute for a home closet. As for receiving, it is possible to receive at other shop by delivery service (postage excluded). And we also provide extensional storage after 6 months (with charge).

Before starting this storage service, Kikuya has 10 years experience of clothing storage. Know-how accumulated during the period is concentrated in this storage system, so please leave your clothing etc. in at ease.

Delivery after pressing and finishing process

Laundry to be stored is stored under strict management of temperature, humidity and light at the dedicated storage room after "washing/drying", same as normal laundry, until a shipping request from a customer. After a shipping request, laundry is delivered after "pressing and finishing".

And if you have registered for Kmobile (※), it is possible to check a storage condition on the dedicated site for smart phones and mobile phones, and the notification E-mail is sent at the time of shipping from factories. Please contact our shops for the details. And please not that some shops do no provide this service.