Cleaning of Clothing

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Cleaning of Clothing

1. General Clothing

We wash laundry from customer either of the "laundry (washing by water)" or dry-cleaning by a solvent, but it does not mean that further care is not necessary.

We do propter preprocessing and adjust solvent and washing time by considering material, design and degree of dirt for both "laundry (washing by water)" and dry-cleaning. Especially, plenty of experience and knowledge are necessary to manage solvents to be used for the dry-cleaning. Like this, the ratio of performance by latest machines is not so big unexpectedly at the Kikuya factories, and we work with the notion that "Quality depends on man-power".

This is common for processes after washing such as drying and pressing, and our technical staff is always trying hart to realize the best finishing for each item that cannot be realized by uniform machinery works.

Cleaning of items other than clothing

1. Quilt/Bedding Cleaning

We wash (by water) quilts at the dedicated factory. It not only removes mite and bacteria but also washes off skin oil and dirt in padding that are the occurrence causes of mite and bacteria. We promise safe and comfortable finishing for anyone from children to elderly.

2. Shoes/Boots Cleaning

We do the washing (by water) for thin leather shoes that is popular in Europe and America but not popular in Japan yet. Almost no expand and contract occur after washing, and the bacterial elimination effect and deodorizing effect are very strong. And the number of repeat customer for the service is very high.

3. Living Supplies Cleaning

It is impossible to clean curtain, carpet and rug by only daily cleaning. We recommendwashing them to keep a room clean also. We support large items and items that takes time to clean.