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We think that quality is quality of character

In case of defectiveness or lack of laundry in conveying or processing such as the items below, Kikuya promises to refund the whole laundry charge and provide free reprocessing.

Damage of button of Y-shirt
Damage of button of item other than Y-shirt and damage of fastener
Nonperformance of instruction such as various processes or stain removing
Defective packaging
Incorrect crease/Double creases

This is a challenge to ourselves and reform also.

We prohibit the "compromise" and "excuse" that used be common in the conventional cleaning industry such as "It is unavoidable because it is a force majeure" and "It an item is returned, we just do reprocessing".

The "Pride" system came into born by realizing the policy of Kikuya that "We eliminate cleaning that reduce a value of item compared to before washing" as a concrete effort.

Kikuya never does comparison with other companies in the same business, but do daily quality control and improvement activities with the challenging target "We should be like this". And we think that "quality" is "quality of character", and making an effort for moral education to raise humanity of each person because most of cleaning works depend on human works.

The three actuals of Kikuya: The actual place, the actual part, and the actual situation Good for all three sides

The production sites of Kikuya are evolving always by accumulation improvement.

"The three actuals of Kikuya: The actual place, the actual part, the actual situation" are only preconditions, and we connect quality and finishing that is hard to be visualized normally to improvements by quantifying them.

For example, in case of "returned goods because of finish failures" we do not only checking with and giving warning and guidance to a person in charge of processing identified by the "Quality Assurance Seal (or Seal of Approval)"but also giving warning to the team and other staff in the same line. We are trying to improve the on-site capabilities with the motto "The post process is customers".

Good for all three sides

On the other hand, at the shop windows that are the contact point with customer, we position the informationsharing is as an important factor for customer satisfaction and try not to make gaps between services by using the "Work Communication Note" and "Customer Information".

And as for accidents and local information original for each shop, we try to improve the service by distributing the information to each shop by K-mobile.

We think that the characteristics of Kikuya is the on-site efforts by utilizing both analog and digitalin both production and shops.