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Corporate Philosophy

Kikuya makes the efforts below to create “Zen” that is the essence of “Kikuya is the best choice”, our corporate philosophy.

  • Effort for the hyper Toyota Production System for “Zero product defect”
  • Full-scale conversion from “conventional cleaning service” to “closet service covering from cleaning to storage”
  • Expansion of “Re-Aqua” that is cleaning refugee relief and city dweller living environment improvement support service (as joint business with other companies in the same business across the country)
  • Qualitative and quantitative increase of “front concierge service” for residents of mansions
  • Co-creation of business with various service industries in Japan and overseas
  • Development in countries and regions all over the world (including export of technics and service)
  • Acceptance of human resources from various countries all over the world, human resource development and incubation

Kikuya is heading toward the 100th anniversary by learning “world-class quality and technological strength”, realizing “one-stop service including maintenance, storage, third party administrative service, logistics, destruction and recycle of clothing”, aiming “creation of spare time of customers by propulsion of Internet delivery service”, “expanding the decreasing demand for cleaning in Japan by cooperating with the whole service industry”, and “contributing to the development of the industry by dispatching the Japanese cleaning service and technics to the world through acceptance of human resources from various countries all over the world, human resource development and incubation etc.” by these.

※)”Zen” is things to realize existence, peace of mind, safety, peace and happiness

Corporate Profile

Name KIKUYA Co., Ltd.
Established May 1, 1956
Capital \1,000,000
Representative Director Shinichi Nakahata
Employees 200

Business Locations

Headquarter 1-5-4 Hokima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
ShopDivision (Head Factory) 419 Yatsukakamicho, Soka-shi, Saitama-ken
Web Division (Matsubushi Factory) 4-4-7 Yumeminohigashi, Matsubushi-machi, Kitakasai-gun, Saitama-ken
Closet Business Management Center 3406-1 Yumeminohigashi, Matsubushi-machi, Kitakasai-gun, Saitama-ken
Koshigaya Factory 5-106 Shichizacho, Kashigaya-shi, Saitama-ken


Cleaning General Processing/Reform of clothing

Cleaning General Processing
Reform of clothing

F.C.S (Front Concierge Support)

F.C.S (Front Concierge Support)

Free Storage/Delivery Service (E-closet/Re-Aqua)

Free Storage/Delivery Service (E-closet/Re-Aqua)