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Privacy Policy

Kikuya has the privacy policy below in connection with handling of personal information of customers. Kikuya implements the proper handling and security control of personal information thoroughly by following this policy.

Kikuya thinks that our mission is to keep being as the "professional for clothing care that customers can trust". Kikuya tries the proper handling and control of personal information of customers as an important part of it.

About handling of personal information

  1. 【 1 】 Comply
    Kikuya complies with laws related to personal information protection, various regulations related to personal information protection, obligations provided by guidelines of the competent ministers and this policy in handling personal information (Information that makes it possible to identify an individual. Hereinafter the same).
  2. 【 2 】 Use within range of purposes of use
    Kikuya handles personal information within the range of purposes of use disclosed of announced excluding the two cases below.
    1. Case having gotten consents from the person himself/herself in advance by specifying a purpose of use as far as possible
    2. Case allowed as exception by laws
  3. 【 3 】 Disclosure/Announcement of purposes of use
    Kikuya discloses necessary information such as
    1. Purposes of use
    2. Range of co-users
    3. Contact window advance. And Kikuya tries to acquire personal information after obtaining consents.

    ※ And Kikuya may record contents relate to transaction or inquiry. In that case, Kikuya handles the information only to support requests of the person properly and quickly.

  4. 【 4 】 Security control measures
    Kikuya tries to keep personal information of customers correct and updated within the range of purposes of use. And Kikuya will try the best to protect it from falsification and leakage etc.and take proper security control measures.
  5. 【 5 】 Supervision of subcontractors
    Kikuya maysubcontract processing of personal information of customers to third parties within the range of purposes use. And Kikuya chooses these third parties after making sure that their personal information security level is high enough, and supervises properly through contracts etc.
  6. 【 6 】 Provision to third parties
    Kikuya does not provide personal information of customers to persons other than third parties with contract specified by【5】without consent of the customers,in principle (※1).

    (※1) Excluding cases allowed as exceptions by laws.

  7. 【 7 】 Request for disclosure etc.
    In case a customer requests disclosure or revision of his/her own personal information, termination of introduction of merchandise or service, or deletion of membership registration etc., Kikuya supports legally after making sure that the person is himself/herself.
  8. 【 8 】 Complaint handling
    Kikuya handles complaints from customers related to personal information quickly and properly. And Kikuya provides the internal system for complaint handling.
  9. 【 9 】 Continuous improvement of internal system
    Kikuya implements
    1. Provision of internal rules
    2. Education of employees
    3. Proper internal audit
    etc. suitably to handle personal information of customers properly. We try to strengthen and improve the internal system including revision of this policy at any time continuously
  10. 【 10 】 Support for SSL
    Some parts of the website of Kikuya Group support “SSL” to protect personal information of customers. By using the browsers that support the security function such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer etc., personal information input by customers including name, address and phone number etc., is encrypted and sent/received automatically. Even if send data is intercepted by a third person, there is no worry for the contents to be stolen.

    ※ SSL(Secure Socket Layer)is the security function to communicate by encrypting information on the Internet.

  11. 【 11 】 Acquisition of access log
    The website of Kikuya records information of visitors as the access log.
    • Domain name of visitor
    • IP Address
    • Type of browser
    • Date and time of access
    etc. are included in the access log. However, normally information that makes it possible to identify an individual is not included.
  12. 【 12 】 Limitation of use of access log
    The access log is utilized for the maintenance of website and statistical analysis related to situation of utilization. The access is handled by following this policy as a part of personal information, and not used for any purposes other than the purposes of use above.

Inquiry Contact related to Personal Information Protection:
Customer Dial:0570-666-9930570-666-993 (Reception Time: 10:00-18:00 ※Excluding Thursday)