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For the next season!

Insoluble ingredients such as sweat, dust and pollen etc. that cannot be removed by normal dry-cleaning attach to surface, lining and padding etc. of fibers by wearing clothing.

In Aqua, products with the indication of "Do not wash"and clothing to be dry-washed are water-washed. So it is possible to remove insoluble ingredients such as sweat and dust etc. and get back functions and beauties that fibers originally have such as flexibility, color and gloss etc. Because air spaces are formed between fibers, it becomes possible to keep body temperature inside and keep constant warmth in clothing. As for slacks etc., the pressing effect of wrinkles lasts long because of the effect of removing insoluble ingredients, so please use Aqua to prepare for the next season.

And Aqua includes the antistatic finish, so shock in the winter season and attaching of dust, lint and hair etc. to clothing are reduced.

And the object items are "suit, slacks, jacket, overcoat, muffler, stole, shirt, blouse and blanket etc."