Missions of Kikuya

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Missions of Kikuya

Kikuya was established in 1956, and could have run the business for 60 years under the corporate philosophy that “Kikuya is the best choice” thanks to the past employees who have worked for us, current employees and staff, suppliers that have supported us as business partners, and people who have watched us with love and care. And we have made progress securely through various experiences.

中畠 信一

I feel that we could make a good direction change as a result by challenging when facing various hardships in the surge of the times in recent years. And it is the result of the sincere efforts of Ms. Kasa Nakahata, the founder and my grandmother, accumulation of thinking that fits the spirit of self-sacrifice an goes along with the time that “I pray not for me but for all the related people” based on the “thinking of integrated moral and economics” and “good for all three sides” and efforts of Mr. Kenji Nakahata, the first president and my father, and “doing good” such as consideration for people around of Ms. Eiko, who supported Mr. Eiji and my mother.

The longer a company lasts, the more people contribute to the company. So we can say that “History of a company = History of gratitude and factors”.

“Kikuya is the best choice”
This is our philosophy in management.

I think our mission is to return the favors to people including customers, community and the society (world), employees and business partners by providing better life service including cleaning to them.

Kikuya will keep walking to be a company that lasts for a long time by enhancing the spirit of “good for all three directions” that has not been changed since the establishment and efforts for that and contributing to the society more.

Mr. Shinichi Nakahata, Representative Director
KIKUYA Co., Ltd.
中畠 信一