Spread “Kikuya is the best choise”to the world

We will try our best to create things and human resources for “peace of mind, satisfaction, usefulness, and helpfulness” of customers under the management philosophy “Kikuya is the best choice”.


“Progressing” production sites with Toyota Production System

The system of cleaning process with Toyota Production System realizes benefits for all three sides including no excessive workload on employees, stable workforce and no loss for the company, and inexpensive and high-quality cleaning service for customers.

Contribute to the world by the “human resource creation” through “manufacturing”

Provide the cleaning technics and know-how that Japan is proud of to the people in the world

We contribute to the society widely and contribute to activation and development of the Japanese cleaning industry by exporting the Japanese cleaning technics (or technicians) and service to the world and running business to communicate with people from various countries. We believe that the Japanese cleaning industry can contribute to the world.

Missions of Kikuya

What are the values provided by Kikuya? “The core business itself a contribution to society

Cleaning of clothing/items other than clothing

Cleaning of clothing/items other than clothing

We support general clothing, special clothing such as leather products and fur products, and service other than cleaning of clothing.

Free Storage of Laundry

Free Storage of Laundry

We provide the “Free Storage for 6 months” service for laundry (clothing and items other than clothing) that is brought to the shops of Kikuya.



We cooperate with experienced and good cleaning companies with “spirit and ambition”.







History of Kikuya “60th anniversary in 2016”

  1. 1956

    Established in Minamisenju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo-to

  2. 1992

    The organization and company name have been changed to KIKUYA Co., Ltd.

  3. 2008

    Received the prize “High Service Japan Top 300”by SPRING

  4. 2016

    60th anniversary

More History